The Alfa Romeo Push

The Alfa Romeo Push


At Maserati Alfa Romeo of Daytona we’re incredibly excited for the big changes that are coming for the Alfa Romeo brand. We love matching people in the Daytona Beach area with exciting and beautiful Italian cars, and providing the best vehicle service to make owning an Alfa Romeo an overwhelmingly positive experience.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is pouring a huge amount of resources into the Alfa Romeo brand, to the tune of around $5.5 billion, in a bid to make it more competitive. In fact, Alfa Romeo is getting far more attention than anything else owned by FCA these days, demonstrating how valuable of a resource the top brass believes the Italian brand to be. This also means that now is a great time to be paying attention to the Alfa Romeo model lineup, because it’s going to be changing rapidly in the near future.

When the dust clears from the great Alfa Romeo push, the brand will boast a total of eight models available in the United States. Right now, only the 4C is on the market, but seven new vehicles will be coming in rapid fire.

First up in the Alfa Romeo model push is the exciting Giulia. It will arrive around the middle of 2016 or so, offering a fresh alternative to the stale selection of midsize luxury sports sedans everyone’s driving right now. It has looks that kill, is easily identifiable as an Alfa Romeo, sounds wondrously aggressive and has a potent powertrain to back everything up. The V-6 under the car’s hood was actually developed by Ferrari, which says a lot, and the top-of-the-line version will churn out a thunderous 510 horsepower. The Alfa Romeo Giulia promises to shake things up in a big way, potentially snagging a good chunk of a highly popular market segment.

After the Giulia launches, Alfa Romeo will be releasing an unnamed midsize SUV. The new vehicle will share its platform and engines with the Giulia, which should mean it will also be pretty nimble and a blast to drive just about anywhere. Rivals will include the likes of the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Lexus NX.

Fleshing out the Alfa Romeo model lineup will be a large sedan. It is supposed to be a larger version of the Giulia and will be aimed squarely at the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 5 Series and Audi A6. Details about the powertrain lineup haven’t been released, but expect them to be more powerful than what will be available for the Giulia.


The Alfa Romeo Push Interior


Alfa Romeo will be using a shortened Giulia platform to churn out an exciting new front-engined roadster, although it will be bigger than the 124 and Mazda Miata. The little car will get big power from some of the same engines as the Giulia, helping it blow away the competition and draw even more people to the Alfa Romeo brand.

After the roadster, the Alfa Romeo push will continue on with a new midsize coupe. It will pretty much be the same as the roadster, only with a fixed top. Expect it to directly take on the BMW M4 and Audi S5.

The second-to-last model in the big Alfa Romeo push will be a large SUV. Based on the same platform as the large sedan, the unnamed vehicle. It will likely have two rows and a large cargo area, making it the perfect rival to the Mercedes GLE and BMW X5.

Finally, the seventh new Alfa Romeo model will be a compact vehicle. It could be a sedan, coupe or hatchback, or maybe even all three. Details are scant on the model, but there have been some indications that it could be rear-wheel drive, which would make it unique in today’s market.

As more information becomes available on the future of Alfa Romeo’s model lineup, we’ll provide updates. Also, remember that you can visit our dealership at any time to see the current vehicles for yourself, plus learn more about the advantages of owning a fine Italian automobile.


The Alfa Romeo Push Exterior