Maserati Set to Join the SUV Game

Maserati SUV


It’s not unusual for automakers to join the SUV game simply to cannibalize the sales of their competition. In the case of Italian car giant Maserati, this translates to finding the perfect blend of style and performance to combine into a single SUV package. Maserati wanted to make sure that nothing was left out of its new SUV, and in 2016, the world gets to see what it’s been up to. Next year, get ready for the new Maserati Levante.

Reaching a Wider Audience

In the high-end, luxury car market, it’s hard to push sales to a new level. However, Maserati wants to become more accessible to a larger audience and consumers that want a top-of-the-line vehicle. The Levante is the answer. By unveiling the new SUV, the company expands into a new market, which is in line with its desire to push sales to 75,000 units by 2018. To reach sales goals, the Levante needs to compete with other established brands, and chances are, it will do just that.

Power and Reliability


Levante Engine


Aside from reaching sales goals, Maserati also wants to perfect the high-end SUV. To do this, it enlisted the help of engineers from Ferrari. The 2017 Levante features two engines built by the famous automaker: the Ferrari-designed V-6 and V-8, as well as an optional diesel V-6. The hope is that this desirable, powerful engine will entice people who ordinarily wouldn’t have been interested in an SUV. However, the 580-horsepower engine probably has enough intrigue to lure any borderline buyers. Also, to keep up with market trends, the Levante will eventually come in a hybrid option, making it even more desirable to eco-friendly SUV drivers.

True Italian Engineering

If you didn’t know, Maserati is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler, as Fiat bought Chrysler in January 2014. The original idea was to manufacture the Levante in Detroit to appeal to American customers. This idea was later nixed, as Fiat wanted Italian engineers to sculpt the SUV. This resulted in the aforementioned Ferrari engine, the powertrain of the Maserati Ghibli, and the decision to have construction take place in Turin, Italy, in efforts to give a foreign feel that only Maserati produces.

Shrouded in Mystery

The first unveiling of the Levante is supposedly the Detroit Auto Show in early 2016. However, to add intrigue to the vehicle, as well as keep its inner-workings out of the hands of potential competitors, the vehicle has largely been kept under wraps. The Levante certainly keeps things interesting in the largely overcrowded luxury SUV market.


Levante Last


The 2017 Levante is a huge step for Maserati, as it enters a new territory for the first time in its 100-year existence. While some photos and scant details have been released, the hope is that the success of the Levante will make Maserati a household name. We’ll just have to wait and see.