Maserati Ghibli Nerissimo

Maserati Ghibli Nerissimo


If you want a vehicle to help you embrace your dark side, the Maserati Ghibli Nerissimo is for you. Except for a spare caliper or two, everything is done up in black. There’s been a demand for more black by many sports car enthusiasts out there, and Maserati has delivered. This car is extremely stylish and made to look a little dangerous. In Italian, Nerissimo means “deep black” and it’s definitely a fitting description.

For The (North) American Elite

There are 450 of these special cars being made, and they’re only available in the United States and Canada. The center console has a badge that features the number of the car you have (from 1 to 450.) Starting price is $72,850 for the Nerissimo, $85,250 for the S model and $87,750 for the S Q4 model. The base Nerissimo is available with a Sport package (cost: $3,400) that features 12-way power front seats, shift paddles and a sport steering wheel. The car also comes with remote start, parking sensors, and blind spot assist. Should you choose one of the S models, you’ll also enjoy an upgraded Harman/Kardon audio system.

It’s Got The Power

With up to 404 horsepower on the S and S Q4 models, the Nerissimo will certainly catch the eye of those looking for a stealthy vehicle that can keep up on the driving course. The exclusive Nerissimo will have the same powertrain under the hood as the original Ghiblis. The base model features 345 horsepower in a 3L twin-turbo V6 with rear-wheel drive. The S and SQ4 models have all-wheel drive in a slightly modified V6 for more power. Ferrari famously designed the Nerissimo’s engine, so there’s no doubt you’ll feel the intensity of the drive as you accelerate.

It’s Got The Look

It’s easy to describe this limited edition car as entirely monochromatic, meaning you won’t see any other color but black from the top down. It’s 20″ Urano alloy wheels practically blend right into the rest of the car, and the rear end disappears if set against a dark background. The grille, door handles, and exterior trim all do a great job at absorbing light too. The inside has dark mirrors, a black steering wheel, and black interior trim. However, your eyes will get a few breaks as you survey the whole of the car. This Italian legend has a smart sense of design, and Maserati uses accents to ensure the entire car isn’t swallowed up in the dark. The red brake calipers complement the red stitching on the black leather seats, and offset the intensity of the black just enough to notice. Nothing is more prominent though than the Maserati emblem that almost looks like a beacon in the night. It instantly reminds you of a car a very famous superhero would drive.