Maserati Celebrates 100 Years with Zagato Special

Zagato Special


Maserati knows how to celebrate, especially when the iconic automotive brand turns 100 years-old. After all, it’s not every day that a company hits the century mark. To commemorate the historic milestone, the Italians used the annual Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este to show off a new vehicle.

Every spring, people gather in Italy to celebrate beautiful vehicles. Thanks to help from Zagato, the Mostro provides a flattering nod to Maserati’s storied past while also giving an exciting glimpse into the future. Of course, Zagato has quite the reputation for creating some dramatic Italian concept cars.

The Maserati Mostro is patterned after the legendary 450 S Coup Zagato “Monster” that terrorized other race cars. It was designed back in 1957 by Frank Costin, who was an aerodynamics specialist back when the field was young. The vehicle was then coach-built in the Italian city of Milan, thanks to backing from Sir Stirling Moss, with the express purpose of racing it in the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans. The V-8 engine packed a considerable punch at 400 horsepower. It was so potent that the 450 S was the most powerful race car with a front engine in the world, all the way to the middle of the 1990s.

For those who don’t speak Italian, “mostro” is “monster” – which is an appropriate name for a potent performance car.

Zagato and Maserati have been working with each other for a considerably long time, ever since the early 1930s.

Anyone who wants to get their hands on the Mostro better be ready with plenty of cash, because the car will be rare. Maserati and Zagato are teaming up to produce only six units, all but guaranteeing that it will become a collector’s item. According to the automaker, the Mostro is really designed for powering around a track, but can still be used to enjoy thrills on various public roads.

Unfortunately, each example of the car has already been promised to certain Zagato car collectors, which will only increase its desirability. The new vehicles will all be delivered to owners by the end of this year. Pricing hasn’t been released by Maserati and might never be made available to the public, but certain industry resources claim that it’s north of $1 million.

As a race-bred vehicle, the Maserati Mostro has been designed to be exceptionally lightweight. One of the key features is a chassis with a monocell made out of carbon fiber. The mid-frame is made of steel tubing. All of the body panels are made of pure carbon fiber, helping offset the big V-8 engine lurking under the hood. Like the car it was created to celebrate, the Mostro has a brash look about it, setting it apart from other vehicles available in today’s market. The exterior design also has a purpose, having been designed for excellent aerodynamics like the original model.

The long-sweeping hood and small occupant area make it clear that the Maserati Mostro is all about going fast. To get inside, people must open butterfly doors, which add to the car’s unique character. Drivers enjoy a commanding view, despite the low-slung ride height, thanks to an extra-wide windshield. In the rear, a tall fixed wing creates plenty of downforce to keep the rear wheels firmly planted on the track or road surface.

Maserati provided the thunderous V-8 engine that powers the car. It’s mated to a six-speed semi-automatic transmission that provides quick gear changes.