Events Around the World Where You’ll Find Maserati

Events Around the World


Racing events, luxury sports cars, and Italian luxury may be part of what Maserati is known for, but it’s certainly not all. Each year Maserati partners with different organizations and participates in many events around the world to let the public get to know the brand a little better.

2015 New York Fashion Week


New York Fashion Week


During the stylish and exciting New York Fashion Week in February, Maserati partnered with several brands and organizations to sponsor the Fourth Annual Fashion for Charity Runway Show. This year’s show supported the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen. The charity, founded in 1982, is the largest emergency feeding program in New York City.

Space Ibiza Rooftop Launch


Space Ibiza Rooftop Launch


In the heart of Manhattan, internationally recognized Space Ibiza opened up its first North American club in May. Maserati was on hand to help celebrate and to showcase the work of artist Peace Simon, whose Maserati-inspired work was auctioned off for charity. All proceeds benefited the Charles Hayden Foundation, an organization that promotes the physical, mental, and moral development of children ages five to 18 living in New York City.

Ldny Foundation at Liberty London


Ldny Foundation


In October, Maserati partnered with technology firm Those to help launch the Legacy Collection from the Ldny Foundation. The Legacy Collection is a luxury fashion project created by young, low-income, female designers with the dream of seeing their creations in store windows like that of Liberty London.

Maserati’s partnership with Ldny Foundation, an organization that encourages young people in London and New York to develop their creative talents to fully reach their potential, began in the spring. The culmination of this year’s partnership could be seen in the window display at Liberty London. While visitors viewed the fashion collection, they were able to watch new technology, the “Woodpecker,” create Maserati and fashion designs on the window. The excitement generated at the live event was felt online with the hashtag #LibertyxMaserati, as people around the world learned of the program.

Maserati Yacht Racing


Maserati Yacht Racing


The Maserati yachting team, lead by Giovanni Soldini, has had an exciting year of racing. After two years and 60,000 miles on the water and a hiatus of only two months for maintenance, they settled on an ambitious and prestigious, while still grueling, race plan for 2015.

In February, the team took part in the RORC Caribbean 600 Race, a 605-nautical mile journey around the Caribbean. Later, in May, they attempted to beat a world record, set in 1853, to journey the 7,000 miles between San Francisco and Shanghai. Their official time was 21 days, 19 hours, 32 minutes, and 54 seconds, a time ratified by the World Sailing Speed Record Council. In late December, the team will head to Australia for the Rolex Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race, a 628-mile trek where not every ship which sets sail makes it to the finish line.

As a company and a brand, Maserati is much more than an Italian car manufacturer. Lending the name, influence, and prestige to worthy causes and events is as much about being a good global citizen as it is about reaching the next generation of Maserati owners.