Alfa Romeo Announces the European Market Launch of Their First SUV Body Style in 2016

First SUV Body Type


Will this SUV become available for sale the United States? We’ll have to wait and see.

Alfa Romeo is striking out in an exciting new direction as the Italian brand prepares to launch its first SUV in 2016. The new Alfa Romeo SUV will be a midsize model and feature a sporty demeanor. It is intended to compete directly with the all-new Lexus NX, as well as the BMW X3 and Audi Q5. The model will occupy a space in the automotive market that is red hot right now, thanks to buyers snatching up similarly-sized models in record numbers. The Italian SUV will provide a mixture of utility, luxury, and sportiness that will outperform its German and Japanese rivals. That might sound like a tall order to some, but the new Alfa should be more than up to the task.

What Is Under The Hood of the Project 949 Kamal Crossover SUV?

Powering the new sport utility model will be a variety of engines that will suit different budgets and performance expectations. A four-cylinder gasoline engine will be available for excellent fuel economy, while still delivering the distinct Alfa Romeo look and driving dynamics. A more powerful V-6 will also be in the lineup, giving a nice power bump over the smaller engine. For those who crave performance, there will also be a highly potent turbo V-6 engine that should put out about 500 horsepower, which will surely satisfy any cravings for speed.

Choice of Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) Versus All Wheel Drive (AWD)

Just what platform the new Alfa Romeo SUV will be built on is a mystery right now. Buyers will be able to get the new model in both rear- and all-wheel drive, suiting whatever preference they might have. The rear-wheel drive setup is supposedly based on a technology known internally as “Giorgio.” Alfa Romeo has divulged that the new model will be built at its Cassino assembly facility, which is located near Rome.

Exterior Features Of The 2016 Alfa Romeo Crossover SUV

A big feature of the new model will be its styling. Alfa Romeo often outperforms other premium brands by crafting vehicles with superior styling, and the new SUV model will be no exception. It will feature the distinctive Alfa Romeo grille in the front, along with an angular look that communicates a message or muscular capability. That feeling will be further accentuated by bulging wheel arches and a stance that is slightly biased toward the front, like a predator ready to spring forward. Body creases in the hood and down the sides of the vehicle will help to create subtle drama, while a low-slug roofline will help make the model look swoopy and able to take on whatever the road throws at it.

A Nice Addition To The European Alfa Romeo Model Line-up

Thanks to the new SUV model, Alfa Romeo could be establishing itself as a more mainstream brand that will stay in the United States vehicle market for some time to come. That’s good news for fans of the brand, which took a long hiatus in this country.

The great part is that the new SUV is just the beginning of an aggressive expansion for Alfa Romeo. The automaker says it will launch eight all-new models by the year 2018, with one of those being yet another SUV. The company has confirmed that a new midsize sedan will be revealed this year, but it’s uncertain if that model will come to the United States market or not. Of course, the future product plans are not certain for now, so things could change as time marches on. Still, the promise of an Alfa Romeo SUV that can be driven on U.S. streets is alone enough to be excited about.