How Do I Set Up My Alfa Romeo HomeLink Garage Door Opener

Alfa Romeo HomeLink Garage Door Opener

HomeLink is a convenient device that allows you to perform a variety of actions such as activating and deactivating your home’s security system, opening and closing your garage door and front gate, and turning on or off your lights and electronics. Before you can use HomeLink, you need to program your device. Below are the steps to set your Alfa Romeo Homelink garage door opener:

Be Safe: Before you start, make sure that children and pets are out of the way of your garage door. If you are programming HomeLink from inside the garage, make sure that your engine is off.

Locate HomeLink: Find the house icon in your vehicle.

Clear HomeLink: Press and hold the outer two buttons and release when the house icon light flashes.

Link Transmitter: Press and hold the HomeLink button and transmitter at the same time until the home light indicator light flashes slowly, and then rapidly.

Check Program: Push the pre-programmed HomeLink button. If the house icon light is solid, programming is complete. If the house icon blinks rapidly and then turns solid, then follow the next step.

Engage Garage Door Opener – Access the garage door opener motorhead and press the “learn” or “smart” button, and then get back into the car and push the HomeLink button.

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